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Radon Tee Takes a Trip to Tregaron

The latest stop on the Radon TEE UK tour has been the Welsh market town of Tregaron.

Radon TEE World Trek UK organisers, propertECO were in the town to carry out radon remedial works after unnacceptably high concentrations of the gas were detected within a workplace in the town.

Under workplace health & safety regulations, all employers are required to carry out a radon risk assessment to determine whether their employees are at risk from the naturally radioactive gas. In this particular workplace, testing that had been carried out using radon detectors revealed that high levels of the gas were present and so propertECO were called in to install specialist air management units to reduce the level of radon in the building.

Radon Tee at the Talbot Hotel in Tregaron
Radon Tee at the Talbot Hotel in Tregaron

Whilst working on site, the propertECO team stayed in the wonderful Talbot Hotel, whose owners were pleased to support the Radon Tee campaign.

As well as playing host to Radon Tee, the 13th Century Hotel has another infamous resident; an elephant is reputably burried in the grounds of the hotel, having died from lead poisoning whilst on tour with a circus in 1848.

The elephant has become somewhat of a local mascot, and we hope that Radon Tee will also find such fame and help to encourage those in the area to test their properties for radon.