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If your radon testing kit or radon monitor has identified that your property is suffering from high levels of radon then you need to contact a specialist. Here at PropertECO, we have over 25 years worth of experience at remediating radon levels and as members of the UK Radon Association and the European Radon Association, we have succeeded in providing radon remediation services for a number of properties across the UK.

We are proud of the high-quality radon services we provide to our customers for both residential and commercial properties. Below are just a few examples of how we have used radon mitigation techniques to significantly reduce high radon levels for properties across the country:

Our Case Studies

Assisting a Landlord with meeting their duty of care to protect tenants’ health and safety

Our client was a landlord of a family home in Staffordshire where the tenant for radon testing to be carried out. The readings showed between 500-1000 Bq/m3 which meant that PropertECO were contacted to carry out mitigation works to reduce those levels. Find out more by clicking here.

Designing & installing a radon mitigation system for a veterinary practice

Our client, based in North Wales, came to us after the workplace radon testing showed that there were high concentrations of radon in the property. The readings revealed radon levels of 420 Bq/m3 and 340 Bq/m3. To find out how we reduced those high radon levels, read our case study by clicking here.

property in Derbyshire

Activating a ‘standby sump’ to our client’s home extension

Our clients purchased a property in Derbyshire and radon testing found that there were high levels of radon within the property, up to 580 Bq/m3. To comply with Building Regulations, a ‘standby sump’ was installed. To find out more about the radon mitigation we carried out and how it reduced the radon levels to below the target level, click here.

radon mitigation installed at school

Ensuring health & safety compliance for a Local Authority with radon testing & mitigation programmes

PropertECO was asked by a client, a county council in South East England, to carry out radon testing at properties that are in high radon risk areas. This included the placement of the radon detectors at the premises and collecting them after the 3 month period. The total number of properties was 214 which included 84 schools. To find out more information about the radon testing and mitigation works carried out at these properties click here.

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If you have had a radon test carried out and received the results back showing high levels of radon then don’t hesitate to contact our nationwide company PropertECO on 0800 046 6193 or contact us online where one of the team will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

How does Radon affect me?

Radon affects domestic and commercial properties in various ways and can ultimately result in death. Here at Properteco, we can advise, test and mitigate the risks.

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