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Radon Test Kits Now Available

PropertECO are pleased to offer radon test kits to our clients at very competitive rates.

Radon Test Kits from PropertECO

Testing for radon is the only way to know whether a property contains unacceptably high levels of the naturally occurring radioactive gas, which causes over 2000 deaths from lung cancer each year in the UK.

Radon detectors are small, inconspicuous devices that all air to pass through them. Any radiation present will make microscopic indentations on a special lens within the detector casing. When analysed in a laboratory, the level of radiation the dector has been exposed to can be determined and a radon test result for the property given.

Our standard kits for domestic properties contain two detectors (one for a ground floor living room and one for a first floor bedroom) and full instructions for use, and can dispatched to you the very next day after ordering.

For the most accurate results, detectors should be left in place for 12 weeks. If, however, you are in a hurry for the results (for example, you are thinking of buying a property) we can supply short-term screening tests that are left in the property for just 10 days. These will give a good indication as to likelihood that the property is affected by radon and whether any remedial work will be required.

Once returned to us, all detectors are processed in a third-party, independent laboratory accredited by the Health Protection Agency (HPA). We will then produce a written report detailing the concentrations found and whether it is advisable for any further action to be taken. We’re also at the other end of the phone should you wish to discuss your results in more detail.

In addition to our standard packs of detectors, we can also supply bigger quantities of detectors, for example for workplaces where large buildings must be tested, or for landlords who own a number of properties.

To discuss your requirements, please get in touch and remember, ‘To Test Is Best’.