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Radon Gas in Wales

Radon Specialists in Wales

Introducing PropertECO – We are leaders in testing for radon in Wales and are specialists in all things related to radon in the home and the workplace.

From advising on which type of radon monitoring is right for you through to advice on which is the best radon mitigation solution to lower and manage the levels of radon in your property we can answer any questions about radon you may have.

High Levels Of Radon Gas in Wales

UK Radon Map - Updated in 2022A common misconception is that radon is only a problem in certain parts of the country – for example Devon and Cornwall. The truth, however, is that all parts of the UK are susceptible to radon gas, especially Wales.

Through the study of the UK Health Security Agency (formerly PHE) map, which utilises data from the British Geological Survey, it is possible to get a good indication of areas of Wales that have potentially high volumes of radon gas.

The health risks of living with radon are well publicised – it is the second largest cause of lung cancer in Wales after smoking.

How To Test For Radon

Radon is a naturally occurring gas, formed as a result of geology and comes from the ground. It can be found in various quantities all across Wales.

It is strongly advisable that if you live in, or own, a property in Wales that you carry out a radon test.

This will identify if your property has an issue and find out the radon levels within the property.

As radon has no visual signs or smell (it is completely odour free) the only way to know if it is present in a property is to carry out radon testing. This is done using specialist radon detectors and radon test kits.

Passive radon detector test kits are readily available and provide, for very little financial outlay, an accurate reading of the radon levels in a property. You can purchase radon test kits direct from ourselves using our secure radon shop website.

Radon testing in the home is usually carried out in the areas of the home where most time is spent – for example the lounge and the bedroom.

If the property is fortunate enough to benefit from having a basement it is even more important that a radon test is carried out.

By their very nature basements are underground and as a result are very susceptible to having high levels of radon gas as they are surrounded on all sides by earth.

How can Property Owners in Wales Identify Radon Levels in Their Property?

There are several different ways of testing for the presence of radon gas in a building. These different ways of testing differ not only in cost but also by speed.

3 month Passive Radon Detector Kit

By far the most common form of testing for radon are by using passive radon detectors. Passive radon detectors tend to come in packs of 2 allowing you to test for levels of radon in the 2 most frequented parts of the house.

A test kit will ordinarily contain a pack of 2 radon detectors, instructions and an envelope to allow you to send them back for analysis after the test period The most common type of passive radon detector kit that homeowners in Wales use is one that is left in place for a period of 3 months.

Radon Test Kit

A commonly asked question is “Why does it take so long to test for radon gas?” The reason is simple – The volumes of radon in the air fluctuate as a result of changes in temperature.

By running the test over a 3 month period it also takes into account some fluctuations in temperature.

As a result, it gives a very accurate estimation of the levels of radon in the property. Following analysis of the test kits in a laboratory, it is possible to provide long and short term measurements for the levels of radon gas in the property.

10 Day Radon Screening Kits

There are times when it is simply not practical to run with a 3 month test kit – for example if a property is in an area of Wales known to have high levels of radon and a test is required as part of the house selling process.

It is simply not feasible to delay a house sale by 3 months whilst accurate readings of radon levels are calculated. For that reason, we can also offer a 10 day radon screening kit.

This kit is identical to the 3 month radon test kit with one important difference. The testing period only lasts for a period of 10 days. 10 days is not long enough to take into account fluctuations in temperature. It is though long enough to give a clear indication if radon is present in the property. It will also provide a guide on the volumes of radon within the property.

Following the 10 days, the test kits are sent back to an independent laboratory for speedy analysis. Dependent on the results, a course of action for reducing the radon levels in the property can be put together. The process has been designed with speed in mind so as not to slow up the house sale.

Digital Radon Monitors

There are sometimes circumstances when continual monitoring of radon levels in a property is a requirement. This is where a digital radon monitor would be required. PropertECO are official stockists of the Canary Digital Radon Monitor.

This amazing device is battery operated and provides a continual measurement of radon levels. It also provides both long and short term measurements. We also have available a range of digital radon monitors aimed at a more professional audience. For further information on these please contact us direct.

Buying or Selling a House in Wales in a Radon Area

We recommend that if you are considering selling your property and you are unsure if there are high levels of radon in your area that you carry out a test.

If you are able to put your house on the market with proof that you have had it radon gas tested recently, and as a result, you have put any necessary steps that were needed into place to lower the radon levels in the property it can be a positive selling point for your property, even adding value to your property.

The 10 day radon screening kits are available to purchase on-line. For further advice on our 10 day screening kits please call 0800 046 6193.Purchasing property in Wales

Lowering Radon Levels in a Property

There are a variety of different methods to lower radon levels in a property. Choosing the right systems depends on the severity of the problem as well as the property itself.

We are able to design and fit radon mitigation systems that are tailored to your requirements. Solutions range from positive pressure ventilation systems (with the added bonus of reducing condensation levels at the same time!) through to radon sump systems designed to extract radon from the property and disperse it at a safe level.

We have over 20 years of experience in designing and installing systems across Wales to reduce radon gas and keep you and other people in the property safe moving forwards.

Testing for Radon Gas in the Workplace

Under existing Health and Safety regulations radon gas testing must take place in every workplace in Wales. (Further details of the Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017 (IRR17) can be found here.)

A radon risk assessment must be carried out within the workplace and where the property is in what is classed by UK Health Security Agency (formerly PHE) as “an affected area” radon gas testing must be undertaken to ensure the safety of employees in the building. If a property has a basement a test must be carried out.

PropertECO are specialists in working together with commercial organisations and radon. We help ensure compliance with regulations relating to radon gas and the workplace. If you require help or guidance and need help to plot the way forward we can help.

We can provide advice on employer’s responsibilities, testing for radon as well as testing in multiple properties.

You will find the full details of the legal duties employers have regarding employees’ exposure to radon gas on the Health & Safety Executive website.

Further Advice On Testing For Radon in Wales

When it comes to lowering the radon levels in your property in Wales you can trust us. Our trusted and experienced radon gas testing specialists are on hand to help you. Simply call: 0800 046 6193.

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How does Radon affect me?

Radon affects domestic and commercial properties in various ways and can ultimately result in death. Here at Properteco, we can advise, test and mitigate the risks.

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