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Radon Testing In The UK

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that comes from the ground and can enter properties. Long term exposure to high levels of radon can lead to lung cancer, and it is responsible for over 1,100 lung cancer deaths in the UK every year. [Source: UK Health Security Agency (formerly PHE)]

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If you have identified that your building is in a radon affected area the only way to know the level of radon you're exposed to is to carry out a radon test using a special detector, or radon test kit. PropertECO can supply inexpensive radon level detectors for home and workplace use that are analysed at an independent laboratory.

This level of radon testing is vitally important to the health and wellbeing of all individuals who occupy the property as it can highlight potentially dangerous levels of this harmful gas enabling further action to then be taken to reduce the risks.

Visit to order radon test kits online.

How to Test For Radon?

Check out our short video which shows you how easy it is to carry out a radon test.

So you have recognised the dangers posed by radon gas and you know how important testing is but how does radon testing work? You simply order a testing kit online or calling a radon expert.

For a home owner or landlord, you would normally require one radon test kit containing a pair of detectors. These come with clear instructions and you should place the one detector in the living room and one in the bedroom. If you have a larger property or a basement, then additional detectors are required.

For non-residential properties, such as offices, retail premises, schools and healthcare settings, you will need to place detectors in a variety of locations.

Once you have received your radon detectors, leave these in the property for either for 10 days or 3 months, depending on which one you have purchased, then return them to PropertECO.

Once returned, the results will be analysed in a laboratory and within 10 days you will receive an email report containing your radon results for each detector.

We will also include advice as to whether any remediation works will need to be carried out to reduce radon levels.

We also stock a range of digital radon monitors. These do not need to be returned for analysis and provide results either on the device screen or a linked app or web browser.

Can You Get A Radon Test Kit For Free?

Radon test kits are not provided free of charge. In the past, the UK Health Security Agency’s predecessors (HPA and PHE) have occasionally provided free radon detectors as part of local campaigns however this no longer occurs. At PropertECO, you can purchase both 10 day or 3 month test kits on our Radon Shop, with a 10% discount using the code “SAVE10“.





How Do Radon Detectors Work?

The most commonly used type of radon detector used in the UK is a passive radon detector, comprising a small domed case containing a special lens. These detectors work by allowing air in the property to pass through the detectors and over the lens, where the radioactive radon particles will make microscopic indentations (or etches) on the lens.

The detectors must be sent to a validated laboratory for analysis, where the lens will be developed and calculations made as to the level of radon it has been exposed to.

As radon levels fluctuate constantly, the most accurate results from any type of radon test are obtained when the test is performed over a long period of time.

It is recommended that passive radon detectors are left in place for a period of three months before being returned to a laboratory for analysis.

In certain situations where a faster result is required, for example during a property transaction, a screening test can be performed using passive radon detectors left in place for 10 days.

Some important things to note about passive radon detectors are:
1. The detector must be left in one place for the duration of the test. It is advisable to always use more than one detector per property as radon levels can vary. In an average home, one detector is usually placed in a living room and one in a bedroom.
2. Passive detectors are not reusable; they can only be used and analysed once.
3. The detector casing must never be opened as this will invalidate the test and the laboratory will not be able to process any results
4. The detectors do not have any sort of display – they are completely passive (rather than active) and must be sent to a laboratory for analysis
5. As the detectors need processing in a laboratory, you will need to factor in the additional time (usually around two weeks) to obtain the result

10 Day or 3 Month Passive Radon Detectors?

We supply packs of 3-month detectors and 10-day screening detectors.

Ten Day Radon Detectors

A 10 day test, by its’ very nature, is a snap shot however, provides a useful measure in a faster period of time, for instance when purchasing a new property. Purchase our 10-Day Radon Screening Test kit.

This kit also contains two detectors, but they need only be left in place for a minimum of 10 days before being returned for analysis. This test kit will give you an accurate result of the radon level during the test period, however, you should bear in mind that radon levels fluctuate constantly so it is always preferable to carry out a longer term test when possible.  10-Day Radon Test Kits cost only £46.80 inc. VAT and delivery.

Three Month Radon Detectors

A 3 month test provides more reliable results and in most cases, tests for this length of time can be seasonally adjusted and annualised to provide much clearer radon readings.

Our standard 3-Month Radon Test Kit contains two passive detectors which should be left in place for 12 weeks before being returned for analysis. All analysis is undertaken at an independent third-party laboratory, and the analysis and reporting is included in the cost of each kit. A 3-Month Radon Test Kit costs just £42.00 inc. VAT and delivery.

For a standard house, a kit of two detectors will be required so that one detector can be placed in a ground floor living room and one in a first floor bedroom. To read more about our radon test kits or to place an order, visit

How Do Digital Radon Monitors Work?

PropertECO are official UK stockists of the Canary Digital Radon Monitor, a battery-operated constant read radon monitor that gives you both long term and short term measurements of radon levels within your property or workplace.

Digital radon monitors actively detect and analyse concentrations of radon within a building and display this on a screen. There are several brands of digital monitors available, ranging from basic models for homeowners to sophisticated pieces of equipment designed to be used by radon professionals.

Recent tests carried out by UK Health Security Agency (formerly PHE) place the Canary as one of the best well priced continuous radon monitors. These are our most popular monitors and they are purchased by those who want to see their ongoing radon levels, thereby providing further peace of mind. This battery-operated device is very simple to use and displays both short term and long term average readings.

Another digital monitor which is often used by radon professionals is the RadonAway RS800, which records hourly radon readings as well as environmental factors such as temperature and relative humidity.

We can also offer sophisticated electronic radon monitoring equipment for professionals, including the RadStar GM1-2.

Some important things to note about digital radon monitors are:
1. The monitor must be left in one place for the duration of the test, however, once the test period is complete and the results have been noted the monitor can be reset and moved to another test location.
2. With many models, the results will be displayed on the screen and therefore visible to building users, which may not always be desirable. Some monitors have an option to disable the screen for this reason.
3. In certain situations, a formal report from a validated laboratory may be required as proof of radon testing, therefore a digital monitor may not be appropriate.
4. These monitors will not give an instant result and to obtain a reliable result should normally be left in place for 7 days or more before reliance is placed on the readings.

Read more about our range of digital radon monitors and order online at

How Does a Radon Grab Sampler Work?

A grab sampler is useful for determining a pattern of radon readings within a property however should never be used as means of assessing the actual radon level in the building or to decide whether any action is required.

Radon levels fluctuate constantly, therefore a snapshot of the radon level over just a few minutes does not provide enough information to assess what the average radon concentration in the property is.

Instead, they are typically used as a tool to aid the design of a radon mitigation system once another form of testing has identified that works are required to reduce the indoor radon level.

A radon professional may take a series of grab samplers throughout the building over a short period of time to gain a picture of where peak levels are, indicating a particular source or pathway that must be remedied.

The RadonAway GM1-2 can be used to take a radon grab sample over a 6 minute period, and the results are displayed on the unit.

Samples are usually taken from within the room, however occasionally a radon professional may use the sampling tube to take a measurement from a suspected pathway, such as behind a dry lining or cavity drain membrane.

Some important things to note about grab samplers are:
1. Radon grab samplers should only be used by professionals with the necessary expertise to interpret the results
2. Grab samplers should never be used as the primary method of testing, rather as a diagnostic aid
3. A series of grab samples can be very beneficial when designing a radon mitigation system, and should result in optimum performance of such a system

Radon Testing Large Properties

If you own a large property then one test kit containing two detectors may not be enough to accurately test your home. Instead, if your property is very large, has a basement, or has been extended then you may require additional detectors to accurately test different rooms and areas.

Workplace Radon Testing

Under health and safety legislation, a radon risk assessment should be carried out for every workplace. This risk assessment should include radon testing if the workplace premises are located in an 'affected area' or if the building has a basement. More information about employers' responsibilities to manage radon in the workplace can be found in our Guide for Employers.The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) website also gives details on the legal duties employers and corporate property owners have regarding employees' exposure to radon.

PropertECO – Radon Test Specialists

Interpreting Radon Test Results

If high levels of radon are detected, PropertECO will need to carry out a radon survey to design a suitable radon mitigation system. The radon specialist will then design and install positive pressure ventilation and radon sump systems to lower the concentration and prevent future infiltration of the gas.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of radon mitigation, our radon sumps and mitigation systems are designed on an individual basis depending on the size and layout of the property and the level of radon present.

For more information on our mitigation services, please visit our Radon Mitigation page or contact us to arrange a survey.

UK Radon Map

UK Radon Map


The radon map of the UK highlights the areas of the country where it has been predicted that high radon levels are most likely to be found. You can read more about the UK Radon Map by clicking on the map to the left and a detailed version can be downloaded from the UK Health Security Agency (formerly PHE) website.

The map relates to above ground areas only and does not cover below ground or basement areas. It goes without saying, as radon enters a property from the surrounding ground, a property with a basement and increased earth retaining walls and floors, will be more likely to suffer from radon gas intrusion.

If you have a basement within your property, wherever you are in the UK, we recommend that you carry out a simple radon test to be sure your home or workplace is safe.

This resource is based on estimates and data extrapolation, so we recommend that the best course of action is to use a radon detector kit to carry out an accurate assessment of radon levels in the air within your home or workplace.

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Buy a radon test kit online or for free advice please contact one of our experts with our radon test specialists at PropertECO and we will provide all the information you need regarding the problems you are having with radon.

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