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Use A Professional For Radon Mitigation

This UK Radon Awareness Week, propertECO are spreading the message not only about the risks of radon exposure, but also about the risks of employing the wrong contractor, or using the wrong equipment, to deal with a radon problem.

Martin Freeman, Managing Director of propertECO said “We are very keen to promote not only awareness about the issue of radon, but also the need to use experienced and credible professionals to ensure homeowners and employers end up with a safe indoor environment.”

Just as you would not use your dentist to perform your heart surgery, an experienced radon professional is always the best choice for radon testing and remediation.

The first UK Radon Awareness Week is a necessary step toward a more informed public ready to take action and seek the credible professionals and quality products they need for real improvement in their indoor environment. As Martin Freeman says, “We are striving to create a vibrant and well-respected radon industry that consumers can be confident in relying upon. As well as confidence in the people that are involved, there is an equal need for high quality, reliable equipment, which is why we partnered with RadonAway to bring their range of expert fans and accessories to the European market.”

propertECO are installers and distributors of RadonAway radon mitigation fans, diagnostic equipment and monitoring systems.

Together with RadonAway, propertECO have created an infographic promoting the importance of using a specialist contractor for radon work.

Use A Radon Professional