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The Homeowners Guide To Radon Gas

If you are a property owner in the UK it is vital that you understand and protect yourself from the risks of radon gas. Radon is present throughout the whole of the UK and though the Radon Map exists as a general guide to the areas estimated to be at the greatest risk throughout the country there is only one way to be sure of the levels within your property (both your home and your workspace); radon testing.

Lower Your Lung Cancer Risk

Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the UK and is responsible for over 2000 deaths every year. It is the biggest lung-cancer risk for non-smokers and increases the risk even further for smokers. Radon produces a radioactive dust which can become trapped in our airways when we inhale and which can cause damage to our lungs. It is this damage which increases our risk of developing lung cancer.

Identify Radon In Your Home

Radon sneaks into our properties unnoticed because it is colourless and odourless and naturally occurring throughout the whole of the country. Radon is formed by the decay of miniscule amounts of uranium that are naturally present in all rock and soil types; it seeps into buildings from underneath so the closer you live to ground level (or if you live in a property with a basement or cellar) the more at risk your property is from high radon levels.

Keep Below Action Level

Because radon is invisible to the senses the only way to be aware of your property’s levels is through radon testing (2 detectors are placed in the home, usually one in a living room and one in a bedroom, which are then posted to a laboratory for analysis). The government strongly recommends mitigation methods be implemented if your radon testing kit identifies levels of 200Bq/m3 or above. Radon mitigation will usually involve the creation of a radon sump or the installation of a positive pressure system.

At PropertECO we supply radon testing kits for use in homes and can advise you on the number of detectors required and recommended testing locations. After a 3 month period the detectors are sent to our independent, third-party laboratory for analysis and you will be sent your test results soon after. If there is a high concentration of radon in your home our competitively priced mitigation techniques can be implemented to keep you and your family protected.

To order your radon testing kit or for any questions regarding radon testing or mitigation, contact us today on 0800 046 6193 to speak to an expert member of our team.