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Have you seen our radon videos?


With the help of our friends at Wyzowl, we’ve created a series of short videos to help explain everything you need to know about radon.

Ever found yourself wondering “What is Radon and Why Should I Care?” Then this video is for you:


Now you understand the issues surrounding radon, you’d like to find out how you can test your building for radon. Here’s a walk-through guide of the process:


Sometimes, radon testing will show that there are high levels of radon in a building and work should be carried out to lower the concentration. If you want to know what this work is likely to involve, the following video is the one for you as it explains how radon sumps and positive pressurisation work:


Finally, many buildings with basements need a solution that will keep them dry and radon-free. Our exclusive Radvantage system combines waterproofing and radon management into one clever system. You can find out more by watching this video:


We hope that you’ve found these videos useful, but if there’s something we didnt cover that you’d like more information on, please get in touch. You can also tweet us @properteco.