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Radon Tee Visits House of Lords

UK Radon Tee campaign co-ordinators propertECO were recently invited to a Ministerial reception at the House of Lords.

At the event propertECO had the opportunity to discuss the issue of radon gas with a DEFRA minister and local MP, as well as with colleagues from some of the UK’s leading companies in the environmental industry.

Radon Tee at House of Lords

This comes at a time when the subject of radon protection in new buildings is being considered by the Department of Communities & Local Government (DCLG) following a public consultation on proposed changes to Part C of the Building Regulations. It is hoped that it will become a requirement for every new building in the UK to incorporate a “ground barrier” (triple-functioning DPM, vapour barrier and radon barrier) as the additional cost per unit will be minimal and significantly cheaper than carrying out remedial works at a later date. Post-construction radon testing is also hoped to a new requirement to ensure that radon protection has been installed correctly and that the property is safe to occupy.