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Radon Tee’s Not the First American In Town…

On a recent visit to Sedgefield, Radon Tee UK was found not to be the first American visitor to town – as his local constituency, Prime Minister Tony Blair had met President George W Bush here in 2003 and invited him to dine in this local restaurant. I wonder whether they knew there was radon in the area?

Radon Tee in Sedgefield
Radon Tee Follows in President Bush & Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Footsteps

As well as indulging in some fine local dining, PropertECO spent the weekend carrying out radon remediation in a local workplace, where restrictions on the time employees were permitted to spend in certain parts of the building had been put in place due to high concentrations of radon being found.

The workplace will now be re-tested following the installation of a radon sump system, and should show that the concentration of radon has been reduced and that the staff may return to using the building normally.