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Radon Tee Meets MPs at House of Commons

propertECO were recently invited to a reception at the House of Commons. Commercial Director, Rebecca Kench spent time discussing the issue of radon gas with MPs, Ministers and colleagues from various environmental industries.

Radon Tee with Sheryll Murray MP

To help spread awareness of the issue, Conservative MP Sheryll Murray gave her support to the Radon Tee social media campaign.


East Cornwall Radon Map

Mrs Murray’s constituency of South East Cornwall (circled in green) has long been recognised as an area affected by radon, with over 10% of properties in the region being estimated to contain radon levels in excess of the recommended maximum.

Widespread radon testing has been carried out in the area and the results from a programme carried out in late 2012 found that more than 3800 homes had radon concentrations above the ‘Action Level’ of 200 Bq/m3. About the programme and the need to continue to raise awareness of the issue, Neil McColl, head of the radon division at the Health Protection Agency said “Over the years we have done a lot of work on radon in Cornwall and although many people are familiar with the gas and its health effects, some still aren’t.”

National radon specialists propertECO have teamed up with US cancer charity, Cancer Survivors Against Radon (CanSAR) to take the Reduce Radon t-shirt on the road to help bring social awareness on radon gas to communities through the power of photos, videos and personal stories.