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New Smart Radon Detector Now Available – RadonEye Plus

propertECO are delighted to add the RadonEye Plus to the range of radon detectors available to customers across the UK.

The RadonEye Plus from FTLab is a new generation of smart radon detector, with the ability to connect to WiFi so radon levels can be monitored remotely, either via a mobile App or webpage.

RadonEye Plus allows you to view real time data remotely via the App

The monitor is highly sensitive and able to produce readings with a high level of precision rapidly. The first readings are available after just one hour, and readings will continue to be updated every 10 minutes. The monitor can store up to one year’s worth of data.

In addition to measuring radon concentrations, the RadonEye Plus also monitors relative humidity and temperature.

The RadonEye Plus Radon Net portal allows you to view real time data from multiple monitors remotelyThe RadonEye Plus is ideal for both homeowners and professionals who want to track changes in their indoor radon levels. Property managers with a portfolio of properties will benefit from access to the portal where multiple devices can be registered and the radon level in each location be viewed on a interactive map, with a colour-coded status relating to the ‘action level’ shown in real time.

Track changes in indoor radon levels using the RadonEye Plus App, available for Android and Apple


The RadonEye Plus App (available for Apple and Android) allows users to view their data remotely, set an audible alert if radon concentrations exceed a given threshold as well as control various push notifications. The monitor is even compatible with the Amazon Alexa device should you wish to ask Alexa “What is my current radon level?”


Available for just £295.00 +VAT, purchase yours from our online store today and be one of the first in Europe to access the latest advancement in radon measurement technology