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Karren Brady picks propertECO tip for start-up business success

Nectar Business Guide to Start Ups Top TipsTo celebrate the launch of their Guide to Start-up Success, Nectar Business ran a competition to find the UK’s top tips for business start-ups from real business people across the country.

From over 300 entries, a tip from propertECO’s Commercial Director, Rebecca Kench, was chosen by judge Karren Brady as one of the runners up.

Rebecca’s tip, “Pace yourself; a big contract may look attractive but can be a distracting burden taking time away from activities vital for future success” was featured in the guide tand on industry websites, including

Karren Brady judged the Nectar Business top tips competitionJudge Karren Brady, who is vice-chairman of West Ham United and is currently featuring in BBC 1s The Apprenice as Lord Sugar’s assistant, commented “Small businessese in this country are vital to boosting industry and strengthening our economy. It is important that startup businesses can get the information and support they need from day one, which is why I am delighted to be involved in this initiative.”

Rebecca, who graduated from University of Bath with First Class Honours in BSc Business Administration says, “Starting a new business can be daunting, but any apprehension is soon outweighed by the excitement of building a client base and the sense of achievement felt when your first profit is made. The early days will doubtlessly involve long hours and a lot of number crunching, but with a solid business plan and a little determination, this can soon pay dividend.”