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Get Wallet-Friendly Walls for Winter!

Did you know that your walls could be costing you serious money?

Older properties that have not been properly insulated lose around 45% of their heat through the walls.

Where do buildings lose heat from?
Older, poorly insulated homes can be losing 45% of their heat through the walls

Whilst many people have insulated their lofts and installed double-glazing in attempt to cut heat loss and reduce energy bills, many have overlooked the single greatest area of heat-loss; the walls.

One of the most common methods of cutting heat loss through walls is by installing cavity wall insulation, however cavity walls are only commonplace in properties built from the 1920s onwards, so this is not an option for many older properties.

Alternative options for properties without cavity walls are external cladding or internal lining systems. Both of these can cost thousands of pounds and will change the look and dimensions of your property.




Thermalogix - Reduce Heat Loss Through Solid Walls
Just After Application

Thermalogix, available exclusively from PropertECO, is an inexpensive yet highly effective alternative that could cut your heat loss, carbon emissions and expenditure on energy bills.


Applied as a single-coat of cream that will last for 20 years, Thermalogix penetrates deeply into the walls and reduces the amount of moisture that they can absorb. A dry wall conducts much less heat than a saturated (wet) wall does, therefore more heat will be retained within the property as less is transferred out through the walls.

Thermalogix - Reduce Heat Loss Through Solid Walls
15 Minutes After Application

Within 48 hours of application, Thermalogix will have completely soaked into the walls and will be visually undetectable – no discolouration, no sheen, no residue.

Thermalogix - Reduce Heat Loss Through Solid Walls
48 Hours After Application

The cost of the treatment is much lower than some other forms of insulation, with an average-sized semi-detached property costing a few hundred pounds as opposed to a few thousand for cladding systems.



As energy prices look set to increase further, and the colder months just around the corner, can you afford to let your walls waste energy & money?

Contact us today to find out more, and see whether your property could benefit from the Thermalogix treatment.