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Installing Sump For Commercial Property

About The Property

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To comply with workplace health & safety legislation, our client carried out radon testing in their veterinary hospital in North Wales. The property is located in an area where more than 30% of properties are expected to have high levels of radon.

The building is detached and has been extended to the rear.

The radon testing revealed the highest levels of 420 Bq/m3 and 340 Bq/m3 were present in the original parts of the building, with more modest levels of 110 – 190 Bq/m3 found in the more recent extension.

Our clients were referred to us by their Radiation Protection Adviser, who typically advises them about the medical use of radiation in the practice but is also knowledgeable about radon gas. The client was familiar with the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 and knew they needed to carry out mitigation to reduce the level of radon exposure received by those working in the building.

Charles Edwards

Managing Director, PropertECO

Survey and Specification

Due to the property having been extended, our surveyor identified that the most appropriate mitigation system would be a dual spur retrofit sump. This would enable radon to be drawn from beneath the footprint of the original part of the building as well as the more modern extension whilst only requiring one fan and exhaust point. White pipework and a white fan were chosen to match existing rainwater goods and fascia.


Our engineers carried out the works on a Saturday to avoid any disruption to the staff and customers. Using a diamond drill, two sumps were excavated beneath the floor slab. We installed a white RadonAway RP145i inline exhaust fan and our electrician installed a dedicated fused spur and weatherproof conduit for the wiring.

The sump exhaust is terminated with a mushroom cowl and discharges safely above the roof line well away from any opening doors or windows.

Are Your Radon Testing Results Showing High Radon Levels?

If you have had your radon testing carried out for a 10 day or 3 month period and the results show that high radon level readings then it is important to first have a radon mitigation survey by a specialist.

We have a team of highly qualified surveyors here at PropertECO who will be able to assess the property and diagnose what specific type of radon mitigation system should be used to reduce those levels to below the target level. If you want to speak to one of our specialists then either call us on 0800 046 6193.

How does Radon affect me?

Radon affects domestic and commercial properties in various ways and can ultimately result in death. Here at Properteco, we can advise, test and mitigate the risks.

Request Your Test Kit

With an independent lab, we will test the radon levels in your property and our experts will report back. If we detect radon, we will also advise how we can help.