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Canadian Support for Reduce Radon Campaign

At a recent conference that brought together knowledge on radon from around the world, representatives from Canada supported the Radon Tee World Trek initiative.

Caroline Laberge & Dyanne Piercey from the Lung Association of Quebec, Isabelle Vezina from Health Canada and Marcel Brascoupe, a remediation contractor and resident of the indigenous community of Kitigan Zibi, Quebec all posed with the ‘Reduce Radon’ T-shirt.

Radon Tee with Canadian Representatives at International Radon Conference, Paris 2013

Co-organised by the World Health Organisation, the Insitute of Radiological Protection & Nuclear Safety (France) and the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, the two-day conference entitled “Radon & Society: From knowledge to action” saw over 150 delegates from across Europe and North America congregate in Paris to share experiences of tackling the radon problem in their own communities.

Isabelle and Caroline spoke about how the different health authorities in Quebec had worked together to increase awareness amongst the public and communicate the risks of radon exposure without causing unnecessary panic, whilst Marcel explained how the issue had been tackled in his local community from the initial stages of explaining the issue to residents who had lived in the area for many years, to testing and subsequent funding for remediation programmes.

The Radon Tee World Trek is a campaign that originated in America and was launched by US charity, CanSAR (Cancer Survivors Against Radon), which aims to prevent radon-induced lung cancer and save lives through education and awareness.

To see who else supported the campaign and find out more about the conference in Paris, look out for further updates on our blog.