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A Healthy Basement Should Be A Standard, Not A Luxury

When propertECO attended the International Radon Symposium in September, we caught up with Bill Crawford, President of the Basement Health Association.

Formerly known as The National Association of Waterproofing and Structural Repair Contractors, the Association changed its name to the BHA to reflect the need for health implications to be considered when carrying out works to a property with a basement (or crawl space).

Bill Crawford of Basement Health Association with Martin FreemanThe Basement Health Association aims to bring all the related industries together to communicate for the benefit of the customer. In the past, it has been observed that one industry does one thing and another does something different, so it is hoped that with all the basement industries working together under the Basement Health Association the customer will be better served and ultimately homes will be healthier places.

Bill said, “Radon and waterproofing professionals often cross paths in the basement and crawlspace. The two professionals are closely related and when they don’t understand each other’s systems they often cause problems for each other and the homeowner.”

As well as radon, the Basement Health Association ensures that members considers other health hazards associated with basements and crawl spaces such as mould, humidity and pest insects.

The Association believes that a healthy basement should be standard, not a luxury which is a message that propertECO have been promoting in the UK.

Watch our video about our unique Radvantage system, which is a method that can be used to achieve this standard.