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Radon Tee Visits Last of The Summer Wine Set

The Cast of Last of the Summer Wine at Sid's Cafe
The Cast of Last of the Summer Wine at Sid’s Cafe in Holmfirth

The latest stop on Radon Tee UK’s tour was the town of Holmfirth in West Yorkshire. Most famous for its residents Compo, Clegg and Nora Batty, Holmfirth was the setting for Last of The Summer Wine, the longest-running sitcom in the world, having run for 31 series between 1973 to 2010.

Radon experts, PropertECO were in Holmfirth to carry out radon remediation works to a workplace where higher than acceptable levels of the naturally occurring radioactive gas had been detected.

Whilst the works were underway, Radon Tee went out & about in the town to raise awareness amongst locals and do a spot of sightseeing.

Radon Tee in Holmfirth
Radon Tee at Sid’s Cafe in Holmfirth

Many people still mistakenly believe that radon is only a problem in the South West of England, or in areas where there is granite. Although geology does play a part in determining areas of the country where properties are likely to be affected by radon, other issues such as the design and type of property, occupancy levels and lifestyle habits can all influence whether radon will be drawn inside a building and trapped.