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Radon Tee Joins Olympic Torch Celebrations in Bath

2012 Olympic Torch Relay in BathRadon Tee UK was seen by large crowds in Bath  today who had gathered to see the Olympic torch pass through the city ahead of the London 2012 Games this summer.

Cheered on by thousands of residents and visitors, the torch was carried through the City by a number of torchbearers, who each had their own inspirational stories about why they were nominated to take part in the historic event.

Accompanied by a convoy of gold cars and buses, one of the most famous landmarks the route passed was the Grade 1 Listed Royal Crescent, where moments earlier Radon Tee made its own appearance.

The ‘Reduce Radon’ t-shirt is touring the world to raise awareness of the naturally occuring radioactive gas that causes thousands of lung cancer cases each year. The gas, which has no smell, taste or colour enters buildings through the ground and can accumulate to high concentrations, causing occupants to unknowingly be exposed to elevated levels of radiation. Bath is a well-known hotspot for radon, with over 30% of properties estimated to be at risk in certain parts of the city. Many of the city’s Georgian properties also have basement vaults and so are at even greater risk.

Radon Tee at Royal Crescent for Olympic Torch Relay 2012

Earlier in the day, a new Guinness World Record was set in the city when more than 2,000 people gathered to form the five Olympic rings