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Limited Offer Available: Vital Risk Assessment Tool for Field Staff

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The Victoria Radon Alarm is a unique, affordable device that measures radon gas concentrations in real-time. Most methods of radon gas detection measure the radon decay product, and so any reading that is given is approximately 48 hours out of date. For long term measurements, this is no problem. This does pose a problem for employers  who are required to carry out radon risk assessments for employees who may only be spending a short period of time in a given property.

Field staff such as maintenance engineers, civil engineers, basement waterproofing technicians and so on spend much of their working week in basements and other below ground areas. Under the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations, employers are required to carry out radon risk assessments in such work areas. Until now, this has proved a problem and consequently has been largely ignored as it seemed that there was no practical way of doing so.


The Victoria Radon Alarm offers a solution – a small, portable device that an engineer can carry with them at all times and which will alert him to radon levels in excess of the workplace ‘action level’ of 400 Bq/m3. This enables employers to ensure their staff are not unwittingly being exposed to high levels of natural radiation without the need for testing to be carried out at each premises in advance of the employee’s visit.

Download our information leaflet today and secure a Victoria Radon Alarm for our Limited Offer Price of £235 +VAT. Orders for multiple units will attract extra discounts.